Aluminium is a chemical element from the III-rd group of the periodic table.

The making of Aluminium



Aluminium was discovered by Friederich Wöhler in 1827. The name origin resides in Lating language.


The most spread metal in nature. It is not to be found in free form due to the fact that it is reactive, being found in bauxyte ores or in its sylicats and oxydes: Corindon (incolor), Safire, Rubin, Emerald and sand paper.

Aluminium compounds

Mixed with Oxygen it formes oxydes (A1203), with Sulfure - sulfures (A12S3), with Chlorus - chlorines (A1C13).


It is extremely wide used in various industries due to it's high oxydation resistance, good mechanical proprieties and its small density. Aluminium is also used on a large scale in aeronautics industry, building industry and whenever there is a need for a light weight and resistant material. Due to its electric proprieties it is used also as a conductor.