Inox Balustrade

Inox balustrades are an architectural accessory very useful and necessar. It brings elegance to a building. Our company delivers a wide range of models. Lately there is an increase in demands for layered wood, Teak wood (with exterior endurance), glass and even granite and marble to establish a connection between the past materials and future ones.

There are 2 ways of finishing:

  1. Mirror gloss – Very easy to maintain, it could create a cold sensation if it isn't combined with wood.
  2. Satine – Latest trends, a little harder to maintain than the mirror gloss finishing, but it provides a unic warmer feeling.

The ideal montage moment is before the water painting (during the finishing stage). It could be mounted on the stair or lateral. Lateral montage is recommended because it keeps a free stair. For side mounting there is a need for 15cm clearance between the two ramps.

The balustrades manufactured by DINOMETAL are provided with Inox mounting flanches of 5mm, wall mount of 1.5mm pipes, diameter at least Ø 45mm. The mountaing clams are aquired from the top of the range suppliers. Dinometal balustrades HAVE NOT mechanical fixings, all the joints being done by Argon welding ONLY. These aspects assure an exceptional safety even after tens of years.

Elicoidal Inox Stairs

The stairs have becomed the starting point for each architectural project, being the piece de resitance for each type of building. The material used for stairs could be chosen according to the building destination. We can chose from wooden stairs, glass, granite or even inox for exterior stairs. Our company assures free consultancy for building this kind of stairs. Thats is why we strongly recommend to contact us in the design stage of your building to be able to solve from the beginning all that is required for the existent area.

In the same time we provide the design of these types of stairs up the the last detail. From the pricing point of view, the quotation is made according to the distance that separates the two floors (one stair = approx. 300 cm height), the material used for stairs and the balustrade model.

Inox Covers

Our company produces Inox covers in a wide range on models at any dimension, shape or size, appropriate for your home or garden. The Inox cover models are layered with glass or polycarbonate and has a hight resistance with an accurate sense of style.

Our professionals team is using the long time experience in your benefit, thus guaranteeing the quality of your Inox product. The materials used for Inox covers are the highest quality, being delivered by well established Stell manufacturers from Romania and the EU. The whole production process is rising to the European standars of quality, DINOMETAL being certified with ISO 9001.

Volumetric Inox Letters

We are producing volumetric letters placed directly on the wall, interior/exterior, with or without illumination. The materials used are: steel, inox, aluminium. This is a solution for exterior and interior signalisation (malls, company headquarters etc). The volumetric letters produced by Laser cutting offers a high visibility range and a high class style due to the 3D effect.

Inox Tanks

Dinometal produces various types of tanks and reservoirs made of inox steel for water or other substances. We also renovate tanks or produce diferrent components or professional welding and grinding operations.

HORECA Furniture

We supply a wide range of Inox furniture for your home, professional furniture for food industry as well as Inox furniture for Pharmaceutics and Hospitals.

The Inox furniture has superior qualities, inox steel being among the only materials that are suitable for pharmaceutical and food industry due to it's neutral character. The model offered by us are designed and produced by our team of professionals, but we also are able to produce custom made furniture. The decorative furniture for your home is combining the modern glass and wood elements in a way that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Our furniture is made of modern elements which are perfectly integraded with your building architecture, being easily mounted and maintainable with ease.

Food Industry Installations

Dinometal produces Inox installations that comply with the clients needs and requirements. Using high performance technology, we are able to offer a solution to each type of equipment and technology line for this industry. The main requirements are coming from the food and pharmaceutical industry, due to the special qualities of Inox.

Ventilation Pipes

Produced with an advanced technology, with an inovative joining solution and a complete accessorization, the chiemneys made by Dinometal have a huge advantage due to the reduced weight and a good flexibilty for the montage.
Due to the high corosion resistance to the Inox acids, this tube could be successfully used for gas or liquid/solid power plants.


Construction Aluminium Frames