About Us

DINOMETAL was founded in 1992 with the primary domain in trading of INOX and non-metallic products.

In 2000 DINOMETAL PROD was founded, to complete the company domain of activity. At this date DINOMETAL SA and DINOMETAL PROD SRL are operating on the same 2500 sq.m. platform endowed at EU standards.

We have a wide range of machines, production line one hight productivity welding robot, etc.

ISO - TUVOur company is certified with ISO9001-2001, and TUV 729, TUV 3848, TUV 4113, for Aluminium weldings.

The quality and performances reached by DINOMETAL is the result of our experience form aeronautic industry, of both our managers and work force.

At this time we satisfy both domestic and export markets with:

  1. Production based on Inox Steel: Inox balustrades, pipes, miscellaneous steel works, HORECA furniture, Inox pools, etc
  2. Production based on Aluminium, mostly construction frames (miscellaneous sizes and types) which are used for building, (castings, walls, pilons, etc)

The system provides good quality at competitive prices.